We provide general contractor roofing services and specialize in:

----- Roofing (Commercial & Residential), Installation and Repair

We Also:

----- Clean work site up all day as we work and provide a thorough cleaning before leaving for the day
----- Complete jobs in a timely manner
----- Respect all customers property like it’s our own
----- Use products that have manufactory warranties that combing with our warranty, which makes for one of the best warranty programs you can get!
----- Have project managers on site for all jobs!

Our services include:

Repairs; Installations; Remove and replace with new materials
Residential repairs on Pitched Roofs

----- Cedar Shake
----- Slate
----- Torch Down
----- Hot Tar

Residential repair on Flat Roofs

----- Certified & Warranted EPDM
----- Install TPO (Carlisle)
----- Hot Tar
----- Metal Roofs

Commercial work includes businesses such as shopping centers, CVS’s & Walgreens.


Siding Repair and Installation

Repair, Installation or Remove and replace with new materials including all Soffit, Fascia and all Trim and details.


If you have improperly installed gutters, your home is in jeopardy! This is especially true areas of the country with heavy rain and snow fall. Rains will bring water back to your home causing rot damage to exterior doors and windows, and other wood which can result in extensive damage and expensive repair work.

The water can also damage landscaping and even your foundation. It doesn't stop there; clogged gutters and drains are just as serious for your home. A blocked gutter passage will send water where it doesn't belong. In fact, a dirty gutter is worse than no gutters at all!

If you're unsure of the quality and cleanliness of your gutters, please contact Stephen Zamborsky Inc. so we can help you keep your largest asset safe... your home.

We also work on decks, basements, doors and windows, kitchens &
bathrooms and general home improvement and repair.